1. NOVA Catholic Community Tribute

    On April 8, 2021 a beloved member of the NOVA Community, Jim Weber, died peacefully.
    Jim Weber was a stand-up, straight-talking, life-loving, all around good guy – a wonderful guy! He lived with joy, and generously shared what he enjoyed – fun times, music, dancing, deep thinking and practical advice. Like all of us, he struggled to make sense of the incomprehensible, and that too, he shared. He offered help and support when they were needed; his presence inspired confidence. He was a rock. With Jim, what you saw was what you got. No pretense, just Jim.

    Jim was the kind of guy you could call up and say something is broken – and he would give you the answer on how to fix it/patch it or just tell you that you didn’t really need it anyway!! His garage was one of his prides – he said it was bigger than his house – and that’s probably true! It is a treasure trove of old cars and old memories!

    A Texas Two-Step king, lover of off-beat country-type music, and holder of lots of unusual trivia!! His dance moves were smooth and understated – he was easy to follow and a terrific twirler!!
    At a Nova retreat one year we had each been asked to bring a special piece of music. When it was Jim’s turn he played John Prine and Iris DeMent singing In Spite of Ourselves. It has to be one of the least churchy songs ever written, and stood in stark contrast to some of the other music we heard that night. By the time it was over, we were laughing uproariously. Jim soaked it up. He beamed. It was one of Jim’s favorites (listen to it and you’ll love it too).
    He loved his family with his whole being.
    Jim Weber, presente!

  2. Remember Jim’s dancing @ Emma & other friends. NOVA CATHOLIC COMMUNITY to talk with people about life. We love Jim’s caring and helping the community!

  3. I have had the fortune to know Jim because of my sister Emmy. What impressed me about him was the soft spoken kind person. He was a man that appreciated the simple life and he was so proud of his children and grandchildren.
    He became part of the Violand Sanchez family. During the Thanksgiving celebration, Jim would bring his delicious cranberry sauce that he personally made. I found that a very endearing tradition.
    He will be greatly missed. He lives in the heart of those who knew him and had the fortune to have called him a father, grandfather , friend.
    He will be smiling from above as we celebrate his life.
    Susana Violand Bickford.

  4. Uncle Jimmy was my godfather. As a child I was kind of in awe of this giant of a man with a booming laugh. I think he knew I was a little intimidated, because every family gathering, he gave me a little wink and 😊. Margie and Jimmy’s house was my favorite to visit on the holidays growing up. There was always something new! A bicycle lamp, coffee table in the shape of Florida and they let us draw on a wall! You really felt that they loved to see kids explore and grow. It’s hard to put in to words, I wish I had known him better as an adult.

  5. For 35 years Jim gave us the gift of his love and friendship. It always made you smile when you heard his voice ring out “Mr. George” or “How’s Miss Bonnie today?” “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!”

    When the phone would ring and you saw it was Jim you knew that he was calling to invite you on one of his adventures (or occasional misadventures!) or else he had just listened to a Diane Rheem show and wanted to be sure you didn’t miss it! He was well known for buying multiple copies of books he liked and distributed them freely. How many people got bungee chairs as gifts after he got one for his granddaughter and saw how comfortable they are? We still have two of them!

    Or perhaps he was calling to tell you that Trader Joe’s had just gotten in their annual shipment of Nouveaux wine and the thought we’d all best sample this year’s vintage! At dinner, you could count on Jim having a glass or glass and a half of his “two buck Chuck” Pinot Grigio and then, when sitting down to eat wanting only his skim milk in an ice cold glass! He was constantly finding new restaurants he wanted to you to sample. Our last meal outing with him was for beef brisket and a Pabts Blue Ribbon at a little dive on Lee Highway he had discovered!

    If you were sick, Jim would show up with his latest literary find and share it with you, always making sure that he was not disturbing you and just letting you know that anything you needed would be taken care of immediately.

    We were blessed to share many trips and “outings” with Jim over the years and with them the love and the true friendship he offered. His presence will be missed by us but his memory will be with us forever and we are grateful for him sharing with us! George and Bonnie Lowrey

  6. Jim was a blessing to our family and filled my little cousin Marggie’s life with complete happiness

  7. Jim was my Affirmation sponsor at NOVA. Beyond the ceremonial process, he also took me under his wing as a mentor and teacher. We went on bike rides to my favorite “secret” dirt jumps, which just so happened to be next to his favorite spot for chili dogs(Vienna Inn). We spent nights in his woodshop, where though I was too afraid to touch most of the tools and saws, it was a form of apprenticeship to watch him work.

    He was always full of fascinating stories, and I could tell that as we drove through Arlington and Falls Church, he still saw the city as it used to be, through the past landmarks and gems that still remained. I remember we were passing a neighborhood, and he was pointing out all the houses he had built and how he talked about it like it was yesterday. I was always fascinated by this, and it has always drawn me close to these landmarks, be they streets, restaurants, or simply anecdotes, by remembering them through Jim.
    This weekend I found myself on a farm, helping a friend build a new barn, and as I (more confidently now) screwed and sawed wood together, I was sad for a moment when I thought if only Jim could see me now, and then had to smile, because I know that he can and that he will live on through all of us in these types of memories.

    Jim was also a close friend of my mother; they bonded in the loss of his wife Margery and supported each other with laughter, compassion, and support up until last week. The last time I saw Jim, we were together with my mom, at probably the same BBQ joint mentioned in the comments above in Arlington. I tried my best to impress him with my new career and what I had learned about rooftops; he smiled and asked all the questions I didn’t know the answer to but tried to keep up. It hurts to know that these dinners and conversations won’t happen again, but I know, he knows how much he helped shape me into the man I am today, and il always be grateful for this.


  8. (Doorbell x 3) “Hello??” Was the common refrain that I would hear at 3000 Military Rd for many many years. Even though Jim had the keys he would always announce his presence as a grace of presence. Jim always greeted you with a firm handshake and an open smile. He was always punctual and honored a strict schedule that at times could be frustrating for my mother, but she learned to accept after many years together. He was a man of conviction, a man of honor, a man who loved his family and his church community. His family quickly became part of our extended family. He loved his community and was always an Arlingtonian with a big country man’s heart. He will be missed. All our best to Jenny, Matt, and the grandkids. James and Mariana

  9. Joe and I think of you, as always, with deep affection and with wonderful
    memories of our friendship over so many years. We have observed and
    admired your courage, we have enjoyed your wit, and ready laugh,
    and always looked forward to laughing out loud with you as you led
    the way to putting aside the overly serious aspects of work and life.
    We learned about and admired your down-to-earth-let’s-get-it-done-
    and-stop- talking -about -it attitude. We benefited from your curiosity
    about all that life has brought to your path and we admired how
    you embraced change with patience and understanding. We join you
    in your love of adventure and travel, barbecue and the Texas two-step,
    and the many other things that made doing things with you so special,
    like the trip to Greece, and the cruise down the Potomac, retreats at
    Shrinemont, and discussing Krista Tippett’s newest radio cast on Sunday

    In short, we love you, and love your friendship and the memories your
    friendship created!

    What a gift you are to us!—

  10. I am blessed to have met Jim Weber. When Jim’s first cousin, my mother-in-law Rose Murnane came to visit us in Maryland, she liked to get to see Jim. So Rose, my husband Chuck and I would give him a call and head for Alexandria. Jim was a warm and generous host and a great storyteller. But to me his most endearing quality was his enthusiasm for life. When you were with Jim, he shared with you the things and people he loved. In his home there were the artistic furnishings made by his beloved Marjorie. In his garage an eclectic collection of machines, tools, antiques and Americana that represented a lifetime of experiences and memories. Out on the town a favorite restaurant where we shared a meal. And always, wherever we were, his friends and family foremost in his thoughts and discourse. I hope I never forget Jim’s beautiful smile and his beautiful spirit. Someone so alive will never die.

  11. It was a beautiful memorial service yesterday. Our deepest condolences and love to you all. Jim was a wonderful soul. I went to Jim’s 80th birthday party and it was so nice to see how touched he was with everyone there. He loved deeply and it was truly special to see how devoted he was to my sister Margie, his friend Emma and how good he always was with his kids and grandchildren. He will be missed.
    Love, Rosalind

  12. When we went to the East Coast to visit as kids I will always remember Jim’s infectious enthusiasm and spirit. I have an especially fond memory of being on the houseboat when I was nine or so with Jim at the helm going to get soft shell crabs and along the way getting to play all these 8-track tapes. I played the same ones over and over and he would just smile and say, “Let’s hear it again!” Such a happy, tolerant soul! I am so very sorry for your loss.

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